✅Tropical style? Live a perfect wedding in Cancun with the ideal furniture 🌴

The best choice for your wedding! You will have a dream day, look at these details of the tropical style that you will have to take into account to make your wedding in Cancun perfect, personalize this style and you will love the result.

All the details for your tropical wedding in Cancun:

Perfect table and chair for your tropical wedding

Use the colors you want! The more vivid, the better. Try natural textures and patterns; you won’t regret it, place them in relevant places. Wood will be the protagonist, give your guests comfort by using nice and comfortable tables and chairs.



Beautiful decoration for a wedding in Cancun
Decoration in shades of green for wedding in Cancun
Mexican decor for wedding in Cancun

We recommend you to use the «parota« style tables, the «chechen table« and the «rustic table«, if you prefer something more elegant and peculiar we suggest the «cactus root table« with transparent glass or the «californian table« in white wood, they will be your best options.

Amazing decor for a wedding in Cancun
Beautiful flowers for a wedding in Cancun
Amazing decoration for beach weddings

Remember to combine your chairs with the table you have chosen. To match the wood, we suggest the «crossback cruzeta chair« and the «thonet brown with petatillo». If you chose a white or glass table, you can use one that you like from the «tulum line» in white and blue tones. The «white thonet chair» or some «wishbone chair«, you will love them!

Wonderful decor for the wedding day
Amazing decor for a wedding in Cancun
beautiful wedding at the beach

Create different and more comfortable spaces by placing small living rooms. Thai or minimalist armchairs are a good option but the beach lounge style is ideal.

Vintage furniture for a wedding in Cancun
Chairs in shades of white
wooden chairs
Chairs for a wedding in Cancun

Colorful tableware, the ideal for your tropical wedding in Cancun

Decorate your table with bright colors, remember to balance the elements and their colors. Give the protagonist to the flower arrangements and use a simple but nice tableware; we recommend you to choose the white and simple «moon set», or the white «rock set«, with stone appearance. If you want something more elegant the «onix set» is the best option.

Plates in shades of white
Gorgeous table decor
Table decor for beach weddings
Amazing plates for weddings
Colourful beach weddings
Plates in shades of green

Frame your dishes with a peculiar under plate; we recommend using a transparent underplate with some natural leaf underneath, it will look amazing. You can also choose a metallic underplate, either silver or copper. Create a rustic atmosphere by choosing the «raffia underdish«, the «rattan placemat« or the «macramé placemat» with hand woven.


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Beautiful plates decoration
Tropical decoration for beach weddings
Vintage decor for beach weddings

Unique glassware and cutlery for your tropical wedding

The ideal glassware and cutlery is the classic clear glass. You can vary with some unique and different glasses, use the «carousel« or «deutante« style glasses, these models have a texture with beautiful designs, choose the color you like!

Decor in shades os green for your wedding in Cancun
Vintage tableware for your wedding in Cancun
Decoration in shades of blue for your wedding in Cancun
Mexican decoration for your wedding in Cancun
Beautiful tableware in shades of blue
Shining cutlery




Select cutlery that matches your dinner plate, if you have chosen a metallic one, use the same or similar type of cutlery, either in silver or copper. You can also choose something more rustic with details in wood, try the «silver branch cutlery set«, or the «wood cutlery set«.


Tropical and beautiful centerpiece for your tropical wedding

Dare to use tall vases, use lots of foliage and decorate with some unusual tropical flowers. Complement your table with some other tropical element or figure such as crustaceans, starfish, shells, etc. You can also decorate with some tropical fruits, such as oranges, pitahayas, bananas, coconuts, etc.



Unic decoration for your wedding in Cancun
Decor in shades of green for your wedding in Cancun
Tropical centerpiece for a wedding in Cancun
Centerpiece with wild flowers
Unic decoration for beach weddings
Unic decoration for beach weddings

If you want some smaller centerpieces, you can choose the «fossil» vases or the emerald green glass vases. We recommend you to give a special touch with a simple candle that illuminates the center of the table, the result will delight everyone.

Decoration in shades of green
Tropical decoration for a wedding in Cancun
Colourful table decoration
Candles decor

Reverie tropical wedding in Cancun

The fire is an important element for a tropical style; it complements the atmosphere by placing torches, candles and bonfires, the warm lighting with bulbs will be a good choice.

Decor for beach weddings
Unic furniture for beach weddings
Vintage furniture for beach weddings

Achieving a tropical style is very simple, just use the elements that the beach has and combines them with your style, use natural textures in everything, choose vibrant colors and full of life, remember to illuminate with warm light. These details should not be forgotten, they will be your best ally. If you have complications in creating your ideas, do not hesitate to investigate and consult with professionals, create your own style and make your wedding furniture rental in Cancun perfect.

Tropical decoration for beach weddings
Beautiful wedding day
Lights decoration
Lights decoration for weddings
Decoration with wild flowers



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