Destination Wedding at Hacienda Sac Chich 💐👩‍❤‍💋‍👨 Isabel & Jeff

Boda mexicana

Yucatan has the most beautiful haciendas in southeast Mexico, plus they are the perfect place to celebrate a very important event like your wedding day.

Isabel & Jeff traveled from the United States to celebrate their wedding. We all agree that the choice they made was the best since Hacienda Sac-Chich is a landmark and a masterful place in Yucatan.


Invitaciones par boda con detalles mexicanos

sesión de fotos en hacienda

sesión de fotos novios en hacienda


As much in love as the first day


Isabel & Jeff had a ceremony filled with love and happiness, but also with details that reflected the moment they had dreamed of.

Strong colors like blue, pink, orange, red, yellow and green flooded every element of this beautiful wedding with joy. 


sesión de fotos en hacienda

sesión de fotos en Hacienda

boda civil en hacienda

sesión de fotos con damas de honor

sesión fotos en hacienda


I & J looked very much in love and were very happy with the Mexican touch they had decided to give to their wedding. 


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Elegant with many flower arrangements and centerpieces


Flowers were an essential part of Isabel & Jeff’s wedding. Since it was a Mexican wedding all the flowers had to be colorful and give that touch of joy to the wedding event.

Decoraciones con detalles mexicanos para boda civil

sesión de fotos en hacienda

sesión de fotos en hacienda

boda civil con detalles de flores

sesión de fotos en hacienda


All the table decorations were made to simulate Mexican crockery, the centerpieces, plates, glasses and even the napkins helped create the Mexican aesthetic they were aiming for.



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Welcome to the cocktail

There is nothing more Mexican than a mariachi. The mariachi got all the guests to dance and sing, no doubt a Mexican style wedding makes everyone happy. 


Mesa coctel mezcal

decoración para distribución de invitados boda mexicana

boda civil mexicana


Is there anything else that describes Mexico? Of course! Mezcal. This alcoholic drink from the maguey, could not be missing. Isabel & Jeff made the right decision to give their guests this drink to try.


boda civil México

sesión fotos en hacienda para boda

sesión boda en hacienda

fiesta boda estilo mexico





Photo credits:  @kapephotography


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