Destination Wedding: What do I need for my Catholic wedding? 💍💒

One of the main celebrations to be carried out as a consecration ceremony is to be married by the Catholic Church. There are several points to keep in mind for your destination wedding to be a success during this stage. Take paper and pencil and get ready to know what you need for your Catholic wedding!

Discover all the requirements for a catholic wedding

Catholic wedding: what you need to know

For many couples, it is important to get married through the Catholic Church, whether, by culture, customs or even personal decision and it is necessary to know exactly what are the steps to take during this stage.

The most important thing to keep in mind once reached this point is to be cautious since there are several formalities prior to the wedding ceremony that you will have to perform in your hometown or in the exact place where you performed the sacraments (baptism, confirmation)

Catholic wedding

Beautiful catholic wedding
Gorgeous catholic wedding
Beautiful wedding day

Proof of baptism and confirmation

In order to carry out your wedding, it is necessary that you present the relevant documents that ensure that you have been baptized and have made your confirmation beforehand.

Lovely catholic wedding

Beauty catholic wedding
Beautiful moments during the wedding

These papers should be issued in the church of your city where you performed these sacraments, in case the church where they were performed belonged to a different Diocese, they must be authenticated by the corresponding Bishopric.


special moments during the wedding

Magic moments in the wedding day

At this point, we must be very careful since these papers will be valid only in the next 6 months.

Civil Marriage Certificate

It is necessary to present your civil marriage certificate to be able to carry out your wedding in the Catholic Church since this will help verify that your marriage will be solidly and legally. If you plan to have both weddings on the same day or within proximity dates do not worry, this also has a solution.

Special moment for bride and groom

Sharing the wedding day with family

In case, you have the idea of getting legally married, on the same day or on days close to the date when you do it for the church, you should demand that they issue a document that guarantees the date of your wedding to present as proof.


The moment of the kiss

The moment of the rings

You will have a few days after your Catholic celebration to take your civil marriage certificate and prevent your wedding from being invalidated.

Premarital talks

One of the steps you will have to take to get the transfer form that will allow you to get married outside your locality is to have completed the premarital talks.

This procedure usually takes place on different dates depending on the locality in which you are and it will be necessary to go to the Church of your choice to get the information on the plans that have to take them because in each church it is done differently.

Lovely moments during the wedding


Once all the above documents have been collected and/or processed, you must attend to the groom’s Church to request an appointment with the priest of the church with the intention of making the Settlement prior to the publication of the admonitions.

During this process you must bring the requested documentation:

  • Updated birth certificate
  • Baptismal certificates
  • Constancy of confirmation
  • Official identification of the person involved
  • Domicile voucher
  • 3 child-sized photographs of both bride and groom
  • Proof of pre-marriage talks
  • Pay church fees



This process must be attended by the bride and groom and two witnesses for each of them (these witnesses must not be relatives) to have interviews with the pastor, who will decide in the end if he signs the approval for the publication of the reprimands.

Publication of warnings

When all the previous processes have been completed, it will be necessary for the Church to publish your wedding event for at least three weeks on its board, all this with the intention of knowing if there is some impediment to your wedding that is being overlooked by the bride and groom.

Then, you will be able to obtain a document that will allow you to have the authorization to carry out the Catholic wedding in your locality or outside of it, it will only be necessary to send the final document to begin the processes abroad.

Last steps

Once the previous processes are finished, you will be very close to being able to carry out your Catholic wedding outside your location, now we will have to take into account that during these processes it will be necessary to carry out:

  • The choice of date you want to make the wedding.
  • Election of the church where the sacrament is to be carried out.
  • Make the required contribution for the use of the space.
  • Choice of the priest (at least 6 months in advance).
  • Select the Missal and the corresponding songs for the authorization of the priest who will carry out the ceremony.



Great! Now you know all the requirements to perform your Catholic wedding destination, you will be more than prepared to do the planning in due time to avoid setbacks that may affect the date you want to perform your ceremonies.



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