Getting Ready at Hacienda Tamchen 💍🌷 Alejandra & Felix

Alejandra and Felix chose Hacienda Tamchen to celebrate their civil wedding, even though the day was quite hot nothing prevented the two of them from having a great time during their getting ready.

Mexican embroideries that brighten up the atmosphere


Alejandra’s dress was spectacular as she chose a traditional Mexican white sleeveless-dress with colored cross-stitch embroidery and details of pre-Hispanic fretwork, animals, and flowers. 

Her beautiful dress matched perfectly with her blue shoes. For this occasion, she chose heavy makeup, smokey eyes, and red lips. 

Her hair was adorned with the same flowers as her bouquet in purple and yellow shades.


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A fresh look for a warm day

Felix’s outfit was elegant, simple and fresh. She chose a long-sleeved, off-white shirt with lace trim. His trousers contrasted with his shirt, which was oxford in color combined with comfortable brown shoes. 

Alejandra & Felix looked spectacular and their outfits had the Mexican touch they wanted so badly. 


After their getting ready they were more than ready to get married and enjoy the cocktail they had prepared for all their guests.


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Love photo session

Alejandra and Felix were ready to start their photo session at the emblematic Hacienda Tamchen.

The photographs were spectacular and they agreed to pose completely in love. There is no doubt that it was one of the best photo sessions ever.


Although of course, the civil wedding was only the beginning of this great love story. 




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