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The Mayan wedding in Yucatan is a ceremony in which we get to represents the spiritual union between couples in a ritual spoken in the Mayan language. Mysticism, tradition, and spirituality flood the atmosphere of the nuptial union, achieving a unique, unrepeatable, and unforgettable moment. Do you want to know more about it? Let’s find out!

Learn about the Mayan ritual

Yucatan, as you may know, still preserves a great part of the Mayan culture. Wedding ceremonies are one of the many rescued pre-Hispanic traditions loaded with mysticism and a deep spiritual sense.

In the beginning, a priest solemnly asks the cardinal directions for permission to perform the union. This ceremony is embellished by traditional songs and music with native instruments such as drums, maracas, native flutes, snails, among other instruments. It’s a beautiful ceremony! 

Mayan Wedding Ceremony

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Sacred Mayan Wedding

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Mayan ritual: offering and tradition

At the event, flowers, seeds, copal incense, and balché drinks are also presented and offered. Through the Mayan ceremony, people connect with the elements and come into contact with the sacred. This millenary ritual is officiated by an ah men; that is, a shaman or priest knowledgeable on the Mayan culture, who will guide the bride and groom during the ceremony. 

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The Mayan ceremonies can take place in a cenote surrounded by thick vegetation, an archaeological zone, a paradise beach, or even an emblematic hacienda. Fortunately, the Yucatan has the perfect locations to celebrate a Mayan wedding. 

The ceremony begins with the presentation of the bride and groom to the seven directions of the universe. The cosmic energy resides above; Mother Earth is below; the four winds that are north, south, east, and west are around; and the Higher Self is in the hearts of the bride and groom.

On the altar, flowers, candles, and jícaras are placed at each corner, reflecting the four cardinal points. Around the table, a circle is drawn with sugar and inside it, the bride and groom are placed during the ceremony.

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In the Mayan ceremony, the bride and groom must dress in white. We recommend that guests also dress in white with guayaberas, huipiles, or fresh dresses, to be in harmony. At the beginning of the ceremony, the four natural elements are evoked with the idea that they will strengthen the couple’s bond during the years to come.

Then the future spouses exchange vows and rings, or any other object that represents the seal of their union. The ceremony takes place in the smoke of the copal incense that purifies the environment and can also be complemented with candles or torches.


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The bride and groom offer flowers, seeds, fruits, and copal incense to the four elements. Corn, which symbolizes the beginning of life as a couple, and cocoa, which symbolizes wealth, union and prosperity, cannot be missing. At the end of the ceremony, all the couples keep the sacred bible of the Mayans called «Popol-Vuh», which contains a series of stories that try to explain the origin of the world.


This type of ceremony it’s full of spirituality and originality. But Keep in mind that as beautiful as it sounds to have a Mayan ceremony in your wedding, It requires a great deal of commitment to planning it. Always rely on professionals and wedding planners, they will help you solve every detail and make your dream a beautiful reality.


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