Ceremonies for your destination wedding in Yucatan: Discover the trendy options 💏💍

Mayan wedding yucatan

For your wedding there can be multiple moments that symbolize the union of the couple in their different expressions, would you like a unique and unforgettable union ceremony? Apart from performing your religious and civil ceremony, live a unique moment with some of these trendy ceremonies! We invite you to know some of them!

8 ceremonies types: everything you need to know about your wedding:

Mayan wedding cenote yucatan Mayan wedding beach yucatan

The universe possesses a divine order: Mayan Ceremony

The Mayan wedding or Mayan Blessing consists of invoking the «Great Creator and Formator» God who blesses this bond, honoring all the paths traveled in the life of the bride and groom and blessing the decisions taken to realize this union.

Mayan wedding cenote yucatan
Mayan wedding yucatan

Its essence is based on one’s actions, having the commitment to love oneself first in order to love one’s partner, caring and honoring with actions, not just words.

Mayan wedding hacienda yucatan
Mayan wedding beach yucatan

The forces of nature are invoked, the heart of the earth, the heart of the water, the heart of the wind, the heart of the fire, the guardians and elementals are invited to accompany and protect the ritual, to give strength, clarity, compassion, humility, love and patience, necessary for this relationship, strengthening to forge a path together, create a family with firm foundations and bases.

Sand as a fusion to a single life: Sand ceremony

It symbolizes the union of the life of the bride and groom in one, the sand as a symbol of their lives, they mix filling a new space, their new life, never to separate. Having different shades of sand color creates a visual effect that strengthens the meaning of this ritual. 

Sand ceremony wedding

There is a second sand ceremony, representing the natural elements by colors, each element with meaning, symbolically creating a course to your new life. This ritual can be performed at the moment when the bride and groom prefer, during the exchange of rings, in the wedding vows or before their first kiss of marriage. This ritual is the trend in Mexico and Latin America, with an uncertain origin, is believed to be born of the Hebrew or Hawaiian culture, both with an essence of uniting the life and land of each groom into one.

A New Light, New Life: Candlelight Ceremony

A simple and beautiful ritual, also known as the Light ceremony, fire represents the life of each groom initiating a new light on his new path. 

candlelight ceremony wedding


It consists of personally lighting a candle and then lighting the third candle, both at the same time, with the flame of their own candles. can be accompanied by a few words or emotional phrases. This ritual can be performed in the civil ceremony at some time of your choice or in the religious ceremony with the proper authorization of the priest or minister, as the case may be.

A longing or wish for each petal: Petals ceremony

Marking the beginning of a new stage, also known as the roses ceremony, a beautiful ritual that could include guests. The rose petals mean love, passion, admiration, renewal, purification, and respect for the other, each petal symbolizes a desire or longing. The bride and groom throw the petals into the air representing the beginning of a life together with their personal desires. The guests could still throw their own petals, at the end of some of the ceremonies, whether religious or civil, symbolize the desires of each towards the couple, creating an intimate and emotional atmosphere for everyone.

Petals ceremony wedding church Petals ceremony wedding gests

There is an alternative to this ritual, each groom has a rose of his choice, mutually placing their roses in a vase, symbolizing the union, love, and passion of the couple. This ritual can be performed at the time preferred by the couple, usually performed at the end of a ceremony.




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An Infinite Love Loop:  Loop Ceremony

As a pre-Hispanic tradition, Mexica, the priest who officiates the ceremony ties the tunics, symbolizing the beginning of a new life together, no longer separated.  The ribbon in the form of eight or «symbol of infinity», around the necks of the couple, represents the infinite love that will not have towards the other. It symbolizes the unbreakable relationship between the bride and groom, keeping the couple together and thus initiating and sharing every important aspect of their new life.

Loop Ceremony wedding hacienda yucatan Loop Ceremony wedding hacienda yucatan

Usually performed during the religious ceremony, the ribbon is blessed by a priest and placed by the godparents of the bride and groom. 

Two souls that unite is so that their fortresses are twice as great: Celtic Ceremony

This ancient Celtic ritual consists of a ritual called Heandfasting, or hand ritual. It is carried out by several symbolic actions: the hands of the bride and groom must form a kind of infinite, tied with a ribbon, joining their bodies and souls, both within a circle or heart drawn on the floor with stones or flowers. A priest or some older couple will then invoke the protection of the couple.

Celtic Ceremony heandfasting wedding beach

The tie of hands symbolizes the promise of love and support forever; the circle on the floor symbolizes union, love, and partnership; the priest symbolizes the blessing of experience to these acts. This ritual can be performed at the end of the civil ceremony or before it.

Deep Feelings, Romanticism and Renewal: Letter Ceremony

A symbolic and emotional ceremony symbolizes the promise of love through time. Letters as an example of the union are kept for a period of time, the ritual says that should be opened at 5 years of the wedding for renewal of vows, however, can be performed at the time the bride and groom decide.

Letter Ceremony wedding hacienda yucatan Letter Ceremony wedding hacienda yucatan

It consists of expressing your vows, feelings or declaring the great love you have for each other. Each one writes these important words on a piece of paper or letter, they are also read aloud and they keep the letters in a box or chest.

In this ritual, you can add objects of sentimental value for the bride and groom and thus create a small capsule of the time of that great day. This ritual can be performed at the time the couple wants, likewise, the renewal of these words at 5 years can be private or share with their loved ones in a wooden wedding (anniversary of 5 years).

Love and union that transcends time: Tree ceremony 

As a symbol of beginning and growth, this ceremony exemplifies the planting of a tree as the new life of the bride and groom. To plant solid roots of trust and love, to take care of the continuous growth and to strengthen its union to the step of the days, months and years. The tree, apart from being an example of his life, is a new living being that the couple must care for, feed and grow, seeing his love and surrender reflected in him. This ritual is the only one that physically transcends all those already mentioned.

tree Ceremony wedding hacienda yucatan tree mayan Ceremony wedding hacienda yucatan

It consists of choosing a tree of the couple’s preference, planting it in a pot or special place tree should be young and small, should be planted in a suitable place for growth or else, plant in a pot and then change to a special place. It can be done at the end of any of the ceremonies on the day of the wedding or someday after the marriage.

tree mayan Ceremony wedding cenote yucatan


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