The guide for the most spectacular wedding invitations 💌

You already have the date to get married but now one of the most important things is missing: your wedding invitations! Thinking about the design of the invitations may seem like an easy and simple idea; however, you must take into account the style of your wedding, your wedding dress, the colors and even the seasonal season to choose the right invitations that combine all these elements.


The most essential information

After having chosen the design it’s time to think about all the essential information that can’t be missing. The main card includes the names of the bride and groom and sometimes the parents and godparents. Also the date of the wedding, the time and place of the church or the venue where the wedding will take place.

Also included is a map of the church or venue where the civil wedding will take place, a special card specifying the time of the party and the number of guests allowed per invitation.

But many couples decide to add more cards or data to the invitations to put information on the gift table or on the dress code. 

Although paper invitations are still present in the choice of brides, we can’t ignore that electronic invitations are being the boom of modern brides. Also, it’s cheaper because you can choose some digital platform to send them to all your guests. 


Follow the style of your wedding

There are several alternatives to make your invitations, whether you order them from a company specializing in making wedding invitations, go with a graphic designer who will guide you and help you design the most original invitations or, you can even make them yourself! Just let your imagination fly and the magic will happen. 

Remember to take care of even the smallest detail because it will be the first contact you will have with your guests! So don’t forget to choose a design that matches your personality, legible typography and harmonious colors that combine with the style of your wedding. 

It doesn’t matter if your wedding will be formal or informal, you can always add your touch to your wedding invitations, whether it’s a thank you note, a biblical quote or even some romantic phrase with the purpose of personalizing every detail to your liking. 


Your personal saddle

We know that there are no identical invitation cards since each one of them has its own style, that’s why after making your guest list you should take into account the times of order and send them to your guests at least eight weeks in advance, that way you have more certainty that all your guests will receive them on time to attend. 

There are still some wedding invitations that include their own envelope, but go beyond of what’s traditional and combine styles to create the best wedding invitation. You can include your invitations in a bottle, in irregularly shaped envelopes or even in small business cards. 

The secret is to be clear about the type of invitations you want, so don’t forget that the main thing is that they are made with love. 


Are you ready? Now you just need to enjoy this process! We assure you that you will be everyone’s sensation. 



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