Wedding Tea Ceremony at Hacienda Tamchen ⛩️🀄 Michelle & Angel



The tea ceremony is a custom of Chinese culture, it aims to thank the families of the bride and groom for blessing this union, it is a tradition full of feeling and emotion, full of details and cultural symbols.







Getting ready for the Mayan ceremony

Early in the morning the bride and groom were in their rooms (each bedroom resembling their own house, separately), Michelle wearing a fresh black dress with a headdress in red rose hair, she awaits the arrival of her lover. Angel wears a typical red oriental costume with images embroidered in gold, also called “Changshan”, he must overcome a series of challenges to reach Michelle.






Great challenges to overcome…

Now Angel is ready to face the challenges. In ancient Chinese culture these challenges were very risky and today they are only a metaphor for those ancient ones. Everyone had fun with funny challenges, some of these such as imitating a ballet dance, passing the seaweed without falling, having a few drinks, among others; family and friends laughed at each of them.







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Once the challenges were met, Angel went victoriously to the enclosure of his beloved, she receives him with happiness, now both are ready to return to «the home of Angel. In that place, the family of both was waiting for them. On the way to the enclosure, one of the women covers Michelle with a red umbrella, which symbolizes that this union will have a descendant to the family, meanwhile, the other friends throw rice and seeds to the umbrella; joy and fun were noticeable at every moment.




Thanking family blessing, tea ceremony.

The time for the ceremony has arrived, Angel has passed the necessary challenges and both are ready to thank you for your union. In the enclosure, a tea of roses with red fruits awaits, a decoration with images of Chinese culture in every detail, the red and gold are predominant, symbolizing abundance, happiness, passion, and prosperity. Images of the dragon and phoenix can’t be missing while a person as the host is responsible for explaining each meaning of the ceremony, trying to be carried out as it should be. 










In the decorated space are placed a pair of chairs (for whom they will be thanked) and a pair of cushions in front of the chairs (for the bride and groom, for whom they will be thankful), a pair of ladies take care of serving the tea in a Chinese tea set with red and golden details, known as Gaiwan. He begins to thank Michelle’s parents, to continue with the rest of his family, between laughter and tears they exchange emotional words for those present; with the turn of Angel’s family the ceremony ends, all with a feeling of happiness, pride and hope are ready for the next step, the Mayan ceremony.









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Photo credits:  @fabriziosimoneen

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