Are you looking for Haciendas for Catholic wedding in Yucatan? Look at these great options! 💏💍


We know that for you it is very important to have a Catholic wedding, but marriage is a very important sacrament that cannot be performed anywhere; for a marriage to be valid, the place must have a consecrated chapel and not all the Haciendas have it. Didn’t you know? Don’t worry, we share these three options for your Catholic wedding in an Hacienda without any problem.

3 Haciendas for your Catholic dream wedding in Yucatan:

Hacienda for catholic wedding in Yucatan



Hacienda Santa Rosa:

Santa Rosa is a Hacienda located in the town of Maxcanú which is accessed by the federal highway of Merida. It has a consecrated chapel located a few meters away from the hacienda.

The Hacienda offers a unique architecture, beautiful gardens that will make you fall in love; this Hacienda was restored with the most delicate taste, maintaining its natural atmosphere; It has 11 exclusive rooms, where you can place your belongings in hand-carved wooden furniture, focusing all our attention on Mexican culture; In addition, you will have all the comforts necessary to perform your Catholic wedding and enjoy your stay.



Chapel of Hacienda Santa RosaMain view of Hacienda Santa Rosa



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Hacienda Temozón: 

As we enter the Yucatan Peninsula, we find a world of incomparable natural beauty. On the road from Merida to Uxmal is the town of Temozón Sur, which in the nineteenth century was home to a large henequen Hacienda. The place has walls of an intense red and a turquoise blue pool; it offers an impressive scenery to rest and history as well as access to cenotes, caves and an enormous variety of flora and fauna.


Perfect Hacienda for catholic wedding
Main corridor hacienda Temozón



Its 28 rooms and suites are a journey through the splendor of different eras, showing us an ethnic luxury, native to Mexico in combination with the Spanish heritage that came to the area. The architecture of the place is a mixture of European luxury and local traditions; for example, for the Mayas, high altitude means power, an element that is present at Hacienda Temozón. An excellent option of Hacienda for your catholic wedding.



Hacienda Temozón Garden
Night view hacienda Temozón



Every detail of the hacienda is exquisite, visitors receive the attention and services that make them feel as comfortable as if they were at home, and at the same time, the atmosphere of excellence and exclusivity corresponds to a five-star hotel.



night view of the garden hacienda Temozón
Panoramic view at night hacienda Temozón

Hacienda Sotuta de Peón:

Hacienda Sotuta de Peón has large green gardens, terraces, and a refreshing outdoor swimming pool to soothe the intense sun of the peninsula. It is the perfect setting to share such a special day with your guests. A magnificent idea for your catholic wedding in Yucatan.



Gorgeous hacienda for catholic wedding
Beautiful decor of Hacienda for catholic wedding



The 30 cozy rooms are super spacious, fresh and equipped with a variety of quality services. All of them have typical hammocks and terraces to rest and contemplate the landscape. Visiting its facilities represents an extraordinary experience in which beauty, comfort, and adventure are the protagonists of a journey through the glorious peninsular past.



Road to Sotuta de peon



The tour through the Main House, with wide corridors, antique furniture, paintings, chandeliers and decoration that shows the splendor in which the Hacienda families lived, as well as their refined taste.



Sotuta de peon perfect Hacienda for catholic wedding
Hallway hacienda Sotuta de Peon


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Photo credits:@cuartoazulwedding  Hacienda Santa Rosa


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